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kkaybennettgirl's Journal

Hi everyone. My name is Kay Bennett. I'm the mother to the most beautiful girl you've ever seen, Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald. She's my life. Her father (Miguel) and I aren't together, but not for long if I can help it. Right now I live with my neighbor Tabitha and her daughter Endora. What would my life be without my life long best friend Simone Russell. She tries to keep my in check, though I do tend to do things my own way!

{This is just a game. I'm not really Kay Bennett. She is a character on the soap Passions. This is an RPG.}

(This is not Kay Bennett's livejournal. This journal is part of a Passions role playing game. This journal is fake. This journal is in no way, shape, or form meant to harm the actor or actress who plays this character on Passions. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. See the community pssnsrpg for more information about the Passions role playing game.)